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Whale Tale

Let me tell you a tale, the tale of a whale,
a whale of a tale of a whale with two tails.
This whale we'll call Dale, once caught up In a gale,
a monstrous gale that brought strong wind and hail!
As he rose to inhale, he could see a torn sail,
a distress and a panic and startling wail.
He knew he must act, and must do it full-scale,
this ship was in peril and destined to fail.
The water was filling, the captain would bail,
making him weary, exhausted and frail.
He reached for that rope at the pace of a snail,
cautious he was, so that he would prevail.
Balance that ship on his back, did that whale,
leading it off with the strength of those tails.
Then reaching for land and escaping that gale,
he swam and he swam on that watery trail.
When he was still young all the others would flail,
as  they laughed and they joked at the whale with two tails.
But now as a hero they all would detail,
That day in that harbor, that ship and that gale.
No one would believe him, this tallest of tales,
this whale of a tale of a whale with two tails.
So the captain kept quiet, would never unveil,
this story, this legend, this friend he called Dale.


A happy hippopotamus was dancing down the street,
he needed a new rhythm and was looking for a beat.

He came across a Rhino that was rockin' out the block
and when they came together this new look was pretty hot.

So now the rockin' rhino said, hey we should form a band,
you can do the dancing while I'm rocking out the land.

Soon they found a squirrel that started singing to the tune,
his voice would travel far and wide, awaking a raccoon.

So Ricky grabbed his Guitar and he headed toward that sound,
strumming to the rhythm as he tapped upon the ground.

When they came together that new song was taking shape,
then deep inside the forest they would meet up with an ape.

That ape just started beating on his chest like it's a drum,
and now they started thinkin this could be a number one.

That band was really rocking and the birds would all join in ,
bringing all the whistles that would dance upon the wind.

The forest came alive the day that Hippo found his dance,
uniting all the creatures in some strange hypnotic trance.

The moral of the story is that we can all be free,
when we put aside our difference and find commonality.

Puppy Love

I knew the very day we met,
you brought a love I can't forget
A puppy love that knows no bounds,
as sacred as the holy ground
Looking in those eyes so pure
depression, sadness finds a cure.
The clumsy playful things you do,
that make me laugh and love you too.
Just like a white majestic dove,
there's magic in a puppy's love.

A Sheltered Life

Concrete walls and hardened glass,
replace fresh air and summer grass.

Feeding times and daily walks,
brief encounters shallow talk.

There goes Desi, young and cute,
a home for her, and hope renews.

Old dogs seem to stay a while,
people pass, without a smile

Saddened eyes and head hung low,
when, oh when, will our home show?

Thanks for stopping in today,
to take me out and let me play.

I know that someday I will find,
a love for me, a home that’s mine.

Maybe you will love me too,
I'm old and need a love so true.

Please don’t tease and bring me back,
Forever home, that's what I lack.

I live a very sheltered life
that’s full hope, but sometimes strife.

Whale Tale

Let me tell you a tale, the tale of a whale, a whale of a tale of a whale with two tails. This whale we'll call Dale, once caught ...