Pet Meds



A happy hippopotamus was dancing down the street,
he needed a new rhythm and was looking for a beat.

He came across a Rhino that was rockin' out the block
and when they came together this new look was pretty hot.

So now the rockin' rhino said, hey we should form a band,
you can do the dancing while I'm rocking out the land.

Soon they found a squirrel that started singing to the tune,
his voice would travel far and wide, awaking a raccoon.

So Ricky grabbed his Guitar and he headed toward that sound,
strumming to the rhythm as he tapped upon the ground.

When they came together that new song was taking shape,
then deep inside the forest they would meet up with an ape.

That ape just started beating on his chest like it's a drum,
and now they started thinkin this could be a number one.

That band was really rocking and the birds would all join in ,
bringing all the whistles that would dance upon the wind.

The forest came alive the day that Hippo found his dance,
uniting all the creatures in some strange hypnotic trance.

The moral of the story is that we can all be free,
when we put aside our difference and find commonality.

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