Pet Meds


Puppy Love

I knew the very day we met,
you brought a love I can't forget
A puppy love that knows no bounds,
as sacred as the holy ground
Looking in those eyes so pure
depression, sadness finds a cure.
The clumsy playful things you do,
that make me laugh and love you too.
Just like a white majestic dove,
there's magic in a puppy's love.

A Sheltered Life

Concrete walls and hardened glass,
replace fresh air and summer grass.

Feeding times and daily walks,
brief encounters shallow talk.

There goes Desi, young and cute,
a home for her, and hope renews.

Old dogs seem to stay a while,
people pass, without a smile

Saddened eyes and head hung low,
when, oh when, will our home show?

Thanks for stopping in today,
to take me out and let me play.

I know that someday I will find,
a love for me, a home that’s mine.

Maybe you will love me too,
I'm old and need a love so true.

Please don’t tease and bring me back,
Forever home, that's what I lack.

I live a very sheltered life
that’s full hope, but sometimes strife.

Whale Tale

Let me tell you a tale, the tale of a whale, a whale of a tale of a whale with two tails. This whale we'll call Dale, once caught ...